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Monday, February 13, 2006

Culling The Best On Shiek al-Gore

There are already 906 hits to an "Al Gore Saudi Arabia" search on Google's blog search engine, most of them from justifiably outraged voices on the Right.

Let's quickly dispense with the Leftyblogs. They're pretty much cowering in silence, unable to address the sheer lunacy of Gore's comments in Saudi Arabia, especially since most of them think Gore should still be president. Bustardblog dared a comment: "There is no shame, no intellectual honesty in wingnuttia. None." All because we have an Electoral College, apparently.

Let's compare Bustardblog's lament with comment from some conservative blogs you may not read regularly, starting with Kim Priestap:

The White House press corp's arrogance is sickening. They think that the world is supposed to stop just so they can get their story.

These reporters were in a feeding frenzy during Scott McClellan's press conference. They stepped all over each other trying to get their questions [about Cheney's wayward blast] in.

Let's keep this in perspective, shall we? Iran is back to enriching uranium so it can produce a nuclear weapon and its president is virtually promising the annihilation of Israel and the west. And now we have Al Gore in Saudi Arabia slandering the US about how Saudi and other muslims were treated immediately after 9/11.

With all this going on, the White House press corp is upset about not being immediately informed of Vice President Cheney's hunting accident?

Professor Kurgman's Beautiful Mind, waxing sarcastic:
Furthermore, if my university is a representative sample of the American population, then we can plainly state that all Americans are sickened by the racist murders of Arabs in America.
Gore said Arabs had been "indiscriminately rounded up" and held in "unforgivable" conditions.

Yes! Yes! These are brave words from our president! Why has the story of American extermination camps been covered up?

Apparently, it's not just the Bush family who is cozy with the Saudis. How else to explain this AP story that describes former Vice-President Al Gore's bottom-kissing speech in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia?
Clark Mountain Musings:
What's next Al, you'll travel to the Sudan and criticize the US for having the slave institution in the past? Why not go to China and declare "The US does not allow political dissent."
Concluding with Jiblog, who pretty much sums up my domestic take on this:
Personally, there is very little about Al Gore that gets me worked up anymore. His lunacy speaks for itself. So I'm just going to take this speech and tuck it away in the little rhetorical armory that I'm building up. Should Gore decide against better wisdom that he wants to take another shot at the Presidency, it will be my pleasure to bring it back up then, and often. Until then, I'll just chalk it up as the rantings of an angry man who lost all political and common sense about 5 plus years ago.
On the international side, to have Shiek al-Gore saying this as the Kartoonistan riots continue to complicate the already complicated relations between Islam and the West, as the UN is about to issue an inflammatory report on Guantanamo, as issues with Iran's nuclear jihad ambitions threaten to force the West's hand ... what could he have been thinking?

Does he think at all? Or do the electrons just explode in mini-mushroom clouds in his cortex, triggering the vilest of speech? He's not alone in that regard, of course. Witness one of the dominant voices of the Leftyblogs, Ms. Mahablog herself:
Mr. Gore’s talk probably did more to assure Arabs we can be honest and reasonable than all of Karen Hughes’s pathetic efforts combined.
Unbelievable. As if the Saudi's cared whether we were honest and reasonable or not. We're not Wahhabis so we should die (as soon as the Saudis get a few more trillion petrodolars); that's as far as their thinking about us goes.