Cheat-Seeking Missles

Monday, February 13, 2006

Howie Dean: "What War?"

Howard Dean, perhaps the only person left in America still transfixed by the Valery Plame affair, has called (yawn!) for the immediate booting of Dick Cheney.

At first, I thought he wanted Cheney axed for shooting old men, but no, it's the Plame Game again.

This time, Howie cues off the latest round of speculation that Cheney ordered Scooter Libby to out Plame, telling Face the Nation, ""If that happened at a time of war, the vice president cannot sit in the office he now occupies." Two quick points:
  1. "If?!" Do we need any more evidence that the DNC still isn't on board that we are fighting an actual war?
  2. And if we are fighting a war, which we are, why does the DNC want to remove a standing and effective VP over something that is increasingly inconsequential with each passing day? Don't war efforts call for solidarity?
Fortunately, Dean misses all this. Every attack like this shows the DNC to be a party that has elected a leader who simply cannot put our safety above his hatred of Republicans. Keep it up, Howie -- elections are just around the corner.

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hat-tip: Real Clear Politics