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Sunday, February 12, 2006

EU Free Speech Regs Coming

As Mark Steyn winds up today's humorous rant -- this one about a sex doll called Mustafa Shag (I'm so not British I thought the name alluded to the doll's haircut) -- he imparts this bit of info:
The European Union's Justice and Security Commissioner, Franco Frattini, said on Thursday that the EU would set up a "media code" to encourage "prudence" in the way they cover, ah, certain sensitive subjects. As Signor Frattini explained it to the Daily Telegraph, "The press will give the Muslim world the message: We are aware of the consequences of exercising the right of free expression. . . . We can and we are ready to self-regulate that right."
Any governmental body that has a constitution thicker than a suicide bomber's belt ought not to be immediately trusted. Apparently the EU's 1000+ page constitution bestows upon its Justice and Security Commission the power to impose codes on the media.

What's next? Codes on the people?

Or perhaps codes on the Muslims to get off their high horses and understand that we're not all living in the 11th Century?

Or perhaps the "doctor game code" -- I'll regulate my right of free expression if you'll regulate yours. Stop bombing us, stop your anti-Semitic propaganda, stop your jihad fatwahs, stop your kidnaps and beheadings, and I'll stop drawing cartoons of your prophet.

For the record: "Mustafa Shag" is a disgusting display of insensitivity. I can't offer an electron of defense.

p.s.: Here's a photo of Mustafa Shag. Caution: Full frontal inflatable doll nudity.

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