Cheat-Seeking Missles

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Creepers And Creeps

In lightening speed ... a scant 18 or 20 years before the Merry Mullahs began their bomb-quest ... the AIEA has referred Iran to the security council, but only if there's another 30-day or so delay before the UN brings it up.

Thirty days for additional, doomed diplomacy? Thirty days so some additional sales and shipments can be made?

Voting for the Arab bomb were Venezuela (natch), brother Fidel and Syria, a country that has lost the diplomatic finesse it once played under Old Man Assad. The Syrians apparently have not calculated the dominant wind patterns in the region. If the Mullahs nuke Israel, Damascus will start glowing green in the dark.

The abstainers were a creepy bunch as well: Algeria (can we say Jihad?), Belarus (voting Russia's true, but suppressed, vote), Indonesia (gee, how concerned are they really about beheaded Christian school girls?), Libya (cowed out of its own nuke program, but still wanting a Muslim Bomb) and South Africa (and we thought Apartheid was a bad political system!).

So the game slowly plays out. Iran may fire up its uranium enrichment program between now and the Security Council's consideration of their nuke program. Russia and China may waffle over the next month. Muslim nations will continue to tie the Iranian bomb to the Israeli bomb.

And the Iranians rush to fulfill their nuclear ambitions.