Cheat-Seeking Missles

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Diplomatic Fantasies

Don't let the first sentence from Black Five put you off; it gets better, much better, quickly:
I think we should immediately recognize the new Hamas-led government and should send Condi Rice over to shake hands with the terrorist in chief at his swearing in. I would have her then present them with a copy of the pact we have with Israel stating we will support them militarily if attacked by any of the bad guys in their neighborhood. As the puzzled look spread across the room she would blow a kiss before jetting off to Tel Aviv to meet with the Israelis. In a very public meeting she would then make the following statement:
And here's your link to Black Five's draft of the statement we wish Condi would make. It starts one paragraph below the extremely fetching photo of Ms. Rice. High-heeled black boots ... phew, thank God it's not Madeline Albright!

h/t Jim