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Friday, February 03, 2006

Free Speech Quandry

This fine young Muslim is demonstrating outside the Danish embassy in London today, exercising his freedom of speech to call for the death of anyone who exercises his or her freedom of speech in a way that offends his sensibilities.

I find that offensive, but I don't want to behead this guy, I just want him to understand the benefits that freedom -- both national and religious -- give him.

The way to do that is to let him stand on streets outside embassies exhibiting particularly ugly free speech, and to make him see over and over again the free speech of others.

If Islam wants to use our freedoms to take away our freedoms, we'll use our freedoms to say what we think of Islamofascists, Islamomorons and Islamobuffoons.

We will also use our freedoms to to make sure decent, freedom-loving Muslims feel save in their adopted countries. Blithering idiots like this guy need new role models within his Muslim community, and it will do no good to scare those role models away.

h/t LGF