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Monday, November 21, 2005

Leftists Can't Stand Others' Free Speech

Grey Eagle at A Female Soldier 2 has this (and much, much more) to say to hackers and vile commenters who routinely attack her site:
Congratulations To Those Who Oppose The Soldiers

I wish to express my congratulations to the hackers, vandals, and anti-war visitors who successfully blocked my ability to post any further tributes to the soldiers. I am sure you find victory in preventing myself and others from having a place to read and pay our respects to the Fallen Female Soldiers, and my brother's in arms, the brave soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division. I can only imagine your satisfaction in justifying the disgrace of men and women who died for this country. You may not feel it was justified, but they gave their lives believing in what they were doing. Apparently freedom of speech is merely a phrase to you, not something you believe, in unless it applies to you. If you do not share the person's view you justify your actions in removing the ability for them to express their opinions. In doing so, you have only displayed to me that your cause is unjust, and strengthen my resolve and beliefs in what we are doing here. You have dishonored those who did believe in something, and toke away my right to mourn their memories. These were men and women who actually took a stand in what they believed in, sacrificed their time with their families, and put themselves in danger simply because they believed in something. So to support your beliefs what have you done? Oh, that is right, you took away my freedom to pay tribute and mourn my fellow soldiers.
What is it with these Lefties? They're so quick to get in our face about tolerance and free speech, but can't help themselves from destroying and defaming someone like Grey Eagle who wants to honor those who die to defend our Constitution.

Kudos to Anna at The Right Place and A Rose By Any Other Name for honoring Grey Eagle's efforts and bringing the Lefties' scurrilous tactics to the attention of many.