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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Wasted Tax Dollars: Who's Behind NION 1

Yesterday I posted on the Not In Our Name full-page ad that defiled Tuesday's LATimes. I thought it would be instructional to look at some of the so-much-smarter-than-we folks who signed the ad -- especially thos who are supported by our tax dollars.

As' Ad Abukhalil

As a Californian, I help pay this guy's salary, since he teaches at Cal State Stanislaus, an academic backwater. For the best glimpse at what goes on in his tortured mind, as he sucks at the teat of a nation he hates, visit his blog, Angry Arab News Service.

The following photo and caption appears on his blog, and is an indication of the low esteem in which he holds the Iraqis and their quest for freedom:

When will this nightmare of "liberation" end?

It doesn't appear she's being raped, or her hands are being cut off, or her husband is being killed. It doesn't appear she's being kept from voting -- which apparently is another thing that really bugs Abukhalil, who is no fan of human freedom, as his review of Natan Sharansky's The Case for Democracy proves.

First, he quotes a passage from the book:
"During my long journey through the world of evil, I had discovered three sources of power: the power of an individual's inner freedom, the power of a free society, and the power of the solidarity of the free world." His positions emerge from moral experience, sharpened by personal suffering. "Moral clarity," he remarks, "provides us with a place to stand."
Then he comments:
I regularly read people I detest or despise. This was one of them. It is such a simplistic book, with nothing new or insightful. But it contains silly praise for George W. Bush. That is why George W. Bush has read 211 pages of it.
He could have picked any passage to quote, but he selected that one. It begs the question, what is it exactly that leads him to detest or despise Sharansky? Inner freedom? Free society? A free world? Moral clarity?

And we entrust our children to a man like this!