Cheat-Seeking Missles

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Commies, Terrorist Lovers Attack Bush

In a full page ad in this morning’s LATimes (which they’re still delivering …) the group Not In Our Name proclaims that it is a bunch of Sept. 10 communists, religious bigots and freedom haters who are trolling for the stupid and ill-informed. (See the ad here – and chuckle at their “patriotic” use of the “us” extension instead of “com” or “org.”)

Here’s a bit of what NOIN believes in:

  • Iraq is a war of US greed; only the US has brought misery and death to Iraq [They are so intellectually clouded that they don't consider Saddam's mass graves, internal chemical warfare and repression -- or the joy of the Iraqis on Jan. 30.]
  • Arabs and Muslims in the US are being stripped of their rights [They think that by not mentioning that these people are all terror suspects, we will be incapable of drawing that conclusion ourselves.]
  • Antonio Gonzalez is an “architect of torture” [Most of us know he merely did the right thing by asking his staff to clarify what was and wasn't allowed under the Geneva Convention.]
  • Bush is creating a theocracy based on hatred of gays, a belief that AIDS is a punishment from God, that global warming is false, and that science shouldn't be bothered with. [Tolerance only goes so far ....]

Here’s who believes it:

  • The head of the Revolutionary Communist Party in the US and numerous commie sympathizers like Angela Davis.
  • US Rep. and Saddam fan Jim McDermott, who visited Iraq just before the war
  • About a dozen people we have entrusted to give our children a college education
  • Noam Chompsky and Ramsey Clarke, who by alphabetical fate, are listed next to each other
  • The alphabetically linked actors Peter Coyote and John Cusack, along with the Grateful Dead’s Phil Lesh and the perpetually stoned Wavy Gravy

The goal of this disreputable bunch of has-beens, never-weres and clueless hyper-intellectuals is to create a Vietnam-era activism against “the Bush regime.” Oh, and also to convince we stupid few that Sept. 11 does not cry out for consequences.