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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Will Rezko Deal Away Obama?

Is there something shady about the Rezko-Obama real estate deals that we don't know about yet? Are there other deals questionable transactions between the two buddies that haven't surfaced yet?

Don't know ... but we might soon.

With Tony Rezko's conviction today on 12 counts of wire/mail fraud, two counts of corrupt solicitation and two counts of money laundering, the most important date on his organizer is now September 3, the day he'll be sentenced.

A day that's two months and one day before the general election.

The Rezko agenda for tomorrow and the foreseeable future looks like this:
  1. Discuss an appeal
  2. Discuss a deal
  3. Avoid that big guy in the shower
If Rezko has anything on a certain junior senator from Illinois, the value of that information skyrocketed yesterday when the 2008 campaign became a no girls allowed event. Always a wheeler-dealer, Rezko is looking to make a deal like never before, so circle September 3 on your calendar, too.

It just might turn out to be a very interesting day.

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