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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Obama, That Old Lefty Hack

Back in the 1990s, the left-Dem factions were fed up with Clinton's centrist policies, so they looked for ways to vent their frustrations, one of which was the New Party. Here's a snapshot of that particular flash in the volatile pan of leftist American history:

The New Party was designed as a loose confederation of unions, socialists, communists, and black activists who shared common values, but often had different goals. According to John Nichols, its party platform included:

  • full employment
  • a shorter work week
  • a guaranteed minimum income for all adults and a universal “social wage”
  • full public financing of elections with universal voter registration
  • “the democratization of banking and financial systems”, which included public control and regulation of banking
  • a more progressive tax system
  • reductions in military spending and an end to unilateral military interventions.

In Arkansas, Minnesota, Oregon, and other places the New Party has worked hand in hand with ACORN and local unions to block public policy changes that have included prison expansion, government subsidized stadiums, and zoning changes to bring in “big box” stores. In 2000, Missoula County, Montana Commissioner Barbara Evans, after fighting the New Party over buidling a home-improvement store, told the Oregonian, “They’re bad news. I consider them socialist-communist in their beliefs.” (emphasis added)

Why is this important? Because the New Party was one of the stepping stones Barack Obama carefully placed his feet upon as he sought election to the Illinois legislature. He got the party's endorsement, and it helped him get elected. Red State has the expose and it's well worth reading.

This is the man the Democratic Party has foisted on America, not the consensus-builder, not the vision of change, but an old-school leftist hack who makes Hillary Clinton ... yes, even the bitchy, power-hungry, truth_is_no_obstacle Hillary Clinton ... look like a better alternative.

hat-tip: Jim

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