Cheat-Seeking Missles

Friday, June 20, 2008

O, Where And Whence?

For those of you who missed the last five minutes of the Hugh Hewitt show today and therefore missed Joe Tarzana's poem of the week ... well, you missed a good one. Here it is:

You’ve often heard me sing this song

Everything you know is wrong

Those in darkness doused the light

Things you knew were wrong…are right

What goes up might not come down

And Vegas is a Temperance Town

So now when oil prices soar

Let’s not drill for anymore

Pelosi and her merry band

Repealed supply, reformed demand

Sure, new refineries might be nice

But they might melt the polar ice

No matter what we must be fair

To terrorist and polar bear

Now soldiers entering fire fights

Must first shout out Miranda Rights

Opponents routed from their forts

Can take their case to higher courts

Those same courts that have opined

That marriages be redefined

The eloquent Obama pleads

“To each according to his needs”

Echoing another’s screeds

And no one heeds, no one heeds

O, where for art thou; where and whence

Have you gone, sweet common sense?