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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My ANWR Photo Gallery

Brace yourselves. Now that President Bush and John McCain are both pushing for more drilling, you'll be hearing a lot about ANWR (which as you know stands for "Any Nitwit Will Rant"), and the environmental movement will be doing their talking with pictures like this:

Very nice, very beautiful ... and very misleading. This is not the look or the landscape of the area where drilling's proposed. That's an area about the size of a large metro airport tucked into ANWR's 19 million acres, an area that's larger than the area of 10 of our Union's states.

Nope. The area where drilling would occur looks more like this:

Or this:

But wait. I'm really showing the area at is best, at the peak of summer when Mother Nature's done all she can to beautify the place. Poor baby. She must be so exhausted and so disappointed with the results.

No, ANWR really looks like this:

But of course, that's not really it either, because the sun's shining ... which doesn't happen during the winter. Which is most of the year. This ain't Yosemite, folks. It's a big, empty place where drilling can happen with minimal consequence to what minimalistic nature's up there.

Oh, and by the way, for the coastal crybabies who think they shouldn't have to actually look at energy being produced even though a lot of them use more than their fair share of it, I offer up this:

Pretty, isn't it? You don't think so? What makes it less pretty than say, the sails of a schooner, or the twinkling lights on the peninsula across the bay?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, eh? And all of us agree there's nothing too pretty at all about this picture: