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Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Lot Of "Allah Akbars" From Gunatanamo

It's been a great week for our Guantanamo detainees. First Boumediene v. Bush, in which an activist SCOTUS decided foreign combatants who have never stepped foot in America deserved rights no nation anywhere, ever, have granted. Now this:
A military defense lawyer urged a Guantanamo judge to help restore America's reputation by dropping attempted murder charges against an Afghan prisoner who was subjected to 14 consecutive days of sleep deprivation.

"You have an opportunity to restore just a bit of America's lost luster," Air Force Maj. David Frakt told the judge presiding in the war crimes case against Afghan prisoner Mohammed Jawad. (Rueters)
Jawad is in the Cuban clinker because he's a combatant -- he threw a grenade into a group of GIs -- but his attorney thinks that's no big deal, that America's reputation is so tarnished by Jawad's sleep deprivation that he ought to walk.

Imagine how much these thugs want Barack Obama to be elected, so they can be treated as lawbreakers instead of combatants, and arguments like Frakt's can be emoted all over a bunch of juries who aren't my peers or yours. If things break their way, they'll be back on the battlefield in no time, trying to kill our boys.

Obama buttons would be a hot commodity in Guantanamo.

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