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Friday, June 06, 2008

A Moment Of Silence For These Heroes

Sixty-four years ago today, one of the most heroic days in the history of warfare -- not to mention one of the most amazing exercises in carbon fuel-based logistics -- unfolded. Operation Overlord threw tens of thousands of men into harm's way, and its outcome was hardly certain when the order was given to launch, yet America and her allies still had the courage to undertake it.

Many of the guys in this LCT didn't survive D-Day, and most of those who did have passed on.

Let us praise them and pray our thanks to God for them.

And let us ask: How much longer will the lessons of their courage live on? Do the children ... the Obamas ... of today remember the story and realize that when we say "freedom is worth dying for," there actually was an entire generation of Americans that understood the equation and the risk very well?

As for the reference above on oil, just think about the impact a carbon fuel cap and trade program like Lieberman-Warner would have on our military mobility and the cost of waging war -- not that that would bother the bill's largely Dem supporters.

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