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Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Euro-Editorial Against Obama!

Here's how most Europeans think about American elections, according to the Financial Times Deutschland:
American politics have undergone drastic change in the past decades except for one thing: we Europeans and especially we Germans hope for a Democrat at every election. We dream of a Kennedy and are then disappointed when we get a Nixon, a Reagan, or a Bush. We thought Reagan was an actor and George W. Bush was a lunatic. And we celebrate each time the Americans bring out a Clinton, a Gore, or an Obama. We celebrate because these candidate’s politics come closest to resembling our nebulous European sentiments.
So of course they're all giddy over Obama ... all except for this same Financial Times Deutschland:
As a European, I can’t really imagine why we would want a President Obama. His “Invest in America” policy can hardly be topped as protectionist mindset, and his “Fair Trade” policies would lead to a restriction of world trade. All this under the cloak of social justice for his constituents.
If it's all about the economy, stupid, we need a president who can bring us out of the current economic transitional period -- and that won't be the guy who ignores the free market and attempts to force the world economy into a protectionist, non-cooperative box.

On foreign policy, Obama will talk to anyone. On the economy, he'll talk to no one; his mantra is to talk to no one, no Fair Trade, no foreigners allowed. All that means is that the world will move along without us.

It's just the stuff to expect should you be foolish enough to elect a neophyte as president.

Hat-tip: Watching America

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