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Friday, May 23, 2008

Obama's Naive Foreign Policy, Part 2,947

History is one of the best proofs of naivety, and it does a mighty fine job of showing how dangerously naive Barack Obama's talk to anyone, anywhere, without conditions approach to foreign policy is.

Scott Johnson offers up a fine historical lesson at Power Line today, going way, way back to the transcript of a Nixon-Kennedy debate to show just how utterly offbase and dangerous Obama is.

The piece excerpts just one paragraph from each candidate, so do read it all, but just for the record, here are some key phrases you won't see in Obama's rhetoric:

  • "The President is still going to be president for the next four months and he, of course, is the only one who could commit this country in this period."

  • "I would not be able wou- would be willing to meet with [Khrushchev] however, unless there were preparations for that conference which would give us some reasonable certainty - some reasonable certainty - that you were going to have some success."
  • "I have no disagreement with the Vice President's position on that. ... I would not meet Mr. Khrushchev unless there were some agreements at the secondary level - foreign ministers or ambassadors - which would indicate that the meeting would have some hope of success, or a useful exchange of ideas."

  • "I think it's important that the United States build its strength; that it build its military strength as well as its own economic strength. If we negotiate from a position where the power balance or wave is moving away from us, it's extremely difficult to reach a successful decision on Berlin as well as the other questions."
And this regarding a nation that had international credibility, unlike the thugs Obama says he'll talk to without condition.

Hat-tip: Jim

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