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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Religious PC-ism Alive ... In Russia

Every time some attention-starved "artist" who is too afraid to confront the woman-stoners of Islam decides instead to blaspheme Jesus, I wish the blasphemer and the museums who abet them could be made to disappear.

But, hey, we don't live in Russia.
Museum Director on Trial for Blasphemy
MOSCOW (AFP) - Russian prosecutors on Tuesday charged Yuri Samodurov, head of the Moscow museum, with "inciting hatred" and "offending human dignity" in the March 2007 exhibition "Forbidden Art," his lawyer said.

The exhibition drew complaints from members of the Orthodox Church.

It comprised works judged by other museum directors as too shocking for display, such as one juxtaposing swear words with Christ's crucifixion and a biblical scene where Christ's head is replaced by that of Mickey Mouse.

The works were viewable only through small holes in a partition.
A lot of cognitive dissonance with this one. Russia is totalitarian, so why not shut a museum? But Russia is atheist, so why bother?

One last thing. The story quotes a "former dissident," Ludmilka Alexeyeva accusing the Ruskies with state persecution of the museum,. Sounds like Ms. Human Rights-nik is not exactly "former."

Never could understand those Ruskies.

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