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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cleaning Ken's House

Boris Johnson's first act as mayor of London was canceling the taxpayer-paid subscription former mayor Ken Livingstone had for The Morning Star, London's socialist newspaper.

Make that canceling Livingstone's 40 subscriptions to the Star. Brit blogger Iain Dale writes:
When Boris sat down at his desk on Monday morning he was presented with a huge press cuttings file, which included loads of articles from the Morning Star. 'Why on earth are you including these?' he asked one of his staff. 'Well,' said the staff member, 'Mayor Livingstone was keen to support the Morning Star'. 'In what way?' asked Boris.

It transpired that the GLA Building had a subscription of forty - yes, forty - copies of the Morning Star delivered every day. Boris's first action as Mayor was to cancel all forty subscriptions to the lefty rag, thereby halving its circulation with one stroke of the mayoral pen. That's what I call the mark of a real Conservative - annoy the leftists and save the taxpayer £10,000 a year at the same time.
And what an irritating rag it is that Ken and his paid pinkos read every day! Today's Morning Star leads off with a feature on Israel's 60th birthday with the catchy title 60 Years of Oppression, focusing on the corrupt, baby-bombing, victimites in Palestine. There's also Medvedev Hits Out at US War Policies and Hezbollah Threatens US-Backed Lebanon.

I'd give you links but this is a Socialist rag -- so you have to pay up before you can read a story. Workers of the world, subscribe!

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