Cheat-Seeking Missles

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Back (Victorious!) From The Near-Dead

The latest Coastal Commission prep work-a-thon is over, with another notch in the ol' rifle.

Looking back over my calendar, I've been in all-day prep meetings every day from April 23 through our hearing yesterday, with the exception of weekends and April 25 -- and I worked on the weekends.

Our hearing had to do with finalizing the "findings," the record of the action the Commission took last November, when it went with us on three of the four issues remaining on our project. You never would have known we prevailed, reading the staff's draft findings. We had three areas of contention and we prevailed on all three, two by unanimous votes. California's Coastal Commission is probably the toughest regulatory body in the nation, so it felt Mighty. Darn. Good.

Today was catch-up day and now, at hour 12 of the day, still at the office, I'm one document away from being mostly ... kinda ... caught up.