Cheat-Seeking Missles

Friday, May 09, 2008

Watcher's Winners

I was a bad, bad Watcher's Council member this week because my schedule didn't allow me to read the entries. As a consequence, I got dinged 2/3 of a point, so my entry, Fatal Energy Policies, fell out of what would have been a fourth place position.

Oh well, it was out of the medals either way.

Whatever Joshuapundit wrote in Who Cares About Israel Anyway? must have been fantastic, since he got four points, double Rightwing Nuthouse's Partly Like It's 1980 All Over Again.

On the non-Council side, the unthinkable happened! Losing Our Spines to Save Our Necks, a Huffington Post piece -- that's a Huffington Post piece -- creamed the competition. It scored a full 3 1/3 points ahead of Iraqis Begin to 'Despise' the Mahdi Army in Baghdad's Rusafa District from Long War Journal.

So I've got my lunchtime reading! How about you? Enjoy all the winners here.

And thanks, Watcher, even though you dinged me!