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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Too Bad He Didn't Suffer More

"The head of Hizbullah's military wing, Imad Mughniyeh," started the article in today's JPost, and since I already knew this scummiest of scum was blessedly dead, I was hoping the sentence would conclude, "rolled into the gutter, an expression of pained surprise still on his face, despite his body being blown to smithereens by a car bomb explosion."

But no; it just ends, "
- considered the organization's second in command - was killed in a car bombing in Damascus late Tuesday night, Hizbullah's Al-Manar television reported Wednesday." Good enough, though, eh?

Mughniyeh's claims to fame:
  • The Beirut barracks bombing that killed over 200 US Marines
  • The bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires
  • Possibly the hijacking of a TWA flight in 1985
  • The kidnapping of Israeli soldiers Eldad Regev and Ehud Goldwasser
  • Many, many attacks against Israeli civilians
A Jew-hater and America-hater dead. Too many remain.

Hezbollah blamed Israel, of course, to which Israel replied:
"Israel is sifting through the reports from Lebanon and Syria regarding the death of the high-ranking Hizbullah official and is studying, for the first time, the details emanating from their portrayal in the media in the past hours," the PMO statement read. "Israel rejects the attempt of terrorist elements to pin any involvement in this incident on it. Beyond that, there is nothing to add."
Who killed him? Another Jpost story says the line was long:
"He was wanted by 42 countries, most of the world was after him. Israel's official denial just adds another question mark to all the others raised by the assassination," Dr. Eyal Zisser, head of the the Moshe Dayan Center at Tel Aviv University agreed. "It was pretty predictable that Israel wouldn't want to escalate the situation by claiming responsibility for the attack. Even the fact that the forces in the North weren't put on alert is probably intended as a signal, saying that we want no part in this."
Whoever killed him, the important thing is that he's dead, and that he didn't get to spend his latter years relaxing, enjoying his grandchildren and telling tales of the old days.

Now it's time to start planning how to take out his successor.

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