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Monday, February 11, 2008

Quote Of The Day: Relativism Gone Wild Edition

"If trials are held in Guantanamo by flawed military commissions, the system will be on trial as much as the men being accused of horrific crimes."
-- Jennifer Daskal, Human Rights Watch (source)

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his band of brothers buggers plotted the deaths of 2,973 Americans, none of whom were engaged in any kind of warfare with Mohammed's country or religion. He has, to our knowledge, never expressed one word of regret, other than a regret that he didn't kill more of us.

The Soros-funded Human Rights Watch, whose agenda is in significant part to embarrass America, will not rest until it has tried every trick to shift the focus from the ruthless Islamist terrorists to the American process for dealing with these dangerous, unrepentant men.

We will not be fooled, Daskal! Try as you will, you'll not convince us that Mohammed and his co-conspirators deserve anything more than prisoners of war deserve. They don't even deserve that, as they fight for no nation and wear no uniform.

Our system is not on trial, except by those who want to destroy our system, those who take their money and their cues from Soros, the world's premier America-hater and noted contributor to the Democratic party.

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