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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Our Crumbling Civilization: Girly Boy Edition

I knew we were in for cultural melt-down when a news article out of Denver started with this:
The issue of being transgender usually pops up with students in high school.
It does? Not in the America I grew up in! But bad as it is, the lead sentence is just a set-up for a civilization-crumbler of much greater magnitude:
However, a 2nd grade biological boy wants to dress as a girl and be addressed with a girl's name.
"Biological boy?" It's come to that? We can't just say "boy?"

Of course, you know that concerned educators immediately realized there's something amiss with the boy and his family (can you say "dominant mother/wimpy father?"), and immediately arranged counseling for all of them. Not.
"As a public school system, our calling is to educate all kids no matter where they come from, what their background is, beliefs, values, it doesn't matter," said Whei Wong, Douglas County Schools spokesperson.
What a calling! Don't think, don't care, just educate.

Hey, Wongster! I want to enroll my little boy in your school, and you should know he thinks he's Pol Pot. I expect you to accommodate his values, which are manifested in a desire to murder his classmates and impose a repressive government. The teacher? Enemy of the State. Summary execution!

I'm too cruel. Wong and the school system are very concerned about the other kids, too ... concerned that they need to be taught to accept this perversion.
Wong says the staff at one of Douglas County's schools is preparing to accommodate the student and answer questions other students might have. ...

Wong says teachers are planning to address the student by name instead of using he or she. The child will not use the regular boys or girls bathroom. Instead, two unisex bathrooms in the building will be made available. The school is handing out packets to parents who have questions. The packets contain information about people who are transgender.
Gone from all the school system's accommodation is any concern for other kids and other parents; there's no question in the District's mind -- everyone else needs to be exposed to this perversion, because the rights of the perverted come before the rights of those who support normalcy.

Do other parents, other kids have any rights in this situation? Should we worry, given that this must be an exception? You bet we should worry:
Kim Pearson says the family is getting support. She is the executive director of a national organization called TransYouth Family Advocates. The group has been working with the family and Douglas County Schools.

"Initially there was a lot of resistance," said Pearson. "Now, their position is they want this child to be safe in their school."

Pearson says their group is working with an increasing number of families nationwide who have elementary age transgender kids. ...

Pearson says children as young as 5 years old are realizing their true gender identity and her group wants to help parents who may be resisting the acceptance of this.
Why do you suppose there are more and more elementary school kids who are apparently transgender? Could it be that sex has permeated society? That tolerance has replaced sanity? In a sane society, this boy would be receiving therapy that would lead him back to the mainstream rather than drive him headlong into a life that will be difficult.

In a tolerant society, however, he is encouraged to leave the mainstream -- and we are forced to nod our heads giving him acceptance instead of help, and stand approving as other kids are exposed to him as mainstream, furthering the watering down of that once meaningful term.

Most parents are much more sensible than the administrators:
"I don't think a (2nd) grader does have the rationale to decide this life-altering choice," said Dave M.

He is also unhappy with the way the school is handling this. The district has been preparing for the child's return to this school for months. Dave M. thinks other parents should have been made aware of this sooner.

"I just find it ironic that they can dictate the dress style of children to make sure they don't wear inappropriate clothing, but they have no controls in place for someone wearing transgender clothing," said Dave M.
Oh, please, David! Get with the program. Your daughter needs to be sacrificed on the altar of tolerance, and if she starts dressing butch, you should happily go along with it.

hat-tip: Jim

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