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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Transgender Wars

Last weekend, I put up an "Our Crumbling Civilization" post about a second-grade boy who wants to go to school as a girl, and a school system that was allowing it.

Perhaps you read it and nodded in agreement. Not everyone did. You might want to revisit the post and check out the comments that are coming in from the transgender community. Stuff like:
  • "it is so sad that people are so close minded. You people who have the nerve to call a child "perverse" or label TSism as a "perversion" really need to wake up. If you spent just one day in their shoes I seriously doubt that you would be spreading hate speech and outright lies."

  • "My current nine-year old doesn't seem to have a problem with his mother who has been transitioning/ed since he was five. He has been told age-appropriate and understandable facts about what has gone on. He seems perfectly well-adjusted, shows no signs of ever wishing to 'be a girl' or any of the difficulties you seem to think he might have from such a 'traumatic' experience as having his 'father' be who she actually is."

  • "Tolerance has replaced not 'sanity', however you define that, but cruelty. ... Between one in 500 and one in 2000 Americans seek to change their genders."

  • "i am married, transgendered and have two kids, one boy and one girl. it is quite offensive that people call this perversion. i suppose it would be more liberating that a girl would want to be a boy? no one would find that strange because she wants to be masculine. my daughter and son both seem to be masculine and feminine. my daughter rips holes in the knees of her pretty jeans and my son screams at mom putting on makeup. if they grow out of it-fine-if they don't-fine."
The comments are thought-provoking to say the least, and I encourage you to give them a look.

They haven't changed my view one iota in this case, which to me is all about the kids in the classroom, not the kid who wants to dress as a girl.

I don't think that as second graders they should have to deal with this, and the school district should have required the boy and his parents to go through several years of therapy, allowing him time to consider his desires and the consequences of his choices from a more mature perspective, and time for the kids in the class to mature before being asked to deal with issues like transgenderism.

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