Cheat-Seeking Missles

Friday, November 16, 2007

Watcher's Winners

As the Annapolis middle east summit draws near, the Watcher's Council overwhelmingly cast their lot with Joshuapundit's take on the land for peace process, giving his 'Land For Peace,' American Style a solid win in this week's Watcher's Council assemblage of extraordinary blogging.

Joshuapundit proves the ridiculousness oft the concept by applying it between Mexico and America, and when you read the piece and see it in that light, you will go into Annapolis with eyes wide open.

Rhymes with Right tied for second with a piece that also looked at Mexico and America, but this time with an all too real perspective, School District & Cops Agree: Ignore the Law. Also in second was Bookworm Room's Racist Talk About Education. My contribution on Hollywood and the Left came in tied for third.

On the big wide world of non-Council entries, A Conversation in Bagram, Afghanistan from Austin Bay Blog was a huge winner, and another preview of Annapolis came in second, The Elder of Ziyon's November 1947 and Annapolis Deja Vu, tied with American Thinker's Stereotyping 101.

See all the winners here. Thanks as always, Watcher, for concocting this punditry cocktail.