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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Google: Current Vets Need Not Apply

Maybe I should give Google a break. After all, they actually acknowledged Veteran's Day on Veteran's Day with a nice commemorative flourish on the ol' logo.

But wait ... it's a long way from Tipperary to Iwo Jima to Da Nang to Baghdad.

Check out the WWI vintage helmets. Google apparently thinks it's OK to honor WWI vets -- none of whom are around to honor any more -- but the honor is not extended to vets from CQM's (conflicts of questionable morality), including even WWII, who wore a helmet like the one in the thumbnail.

How nice it would have been for Google to honor our WWII vets, who are dying at a rate of over 1,000 a day, by making the middle helmet one of their vintage.

And how absolutely superb it would have been to make the helmet over the "e" a current version in desert camo to honor the vets of the current war. But that would take courage -- something vets have but techies from Mountain View are sadly lacking.

To our vets, including my dad, who served on subs in the Pacific in WWII, God bless you for standing up for America. We love you all.

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