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Friday, November 09, 2007

Watcher's Winners

So, did you have a nice mental workout? Did the Watcher's Council posts get your synapses sweating? Great! Watcher has posted the winners and we see a lot of dead heats among this week's entries.

On the Council side of the gym, Big Lizards found himself on top again this week, with Courts v. Terrorism = Wile E. Coyote v. Road Runner, an excellent detailing of why we can't depend on the courts to execute the war on terror. He was followed by Soccer Dad who got my vote for top dog with Unsex Me... Not. SD did better than most with his commentary on HRC’s response to her meltdown in the debate because he went back to a debate six years ago when she first ran for Senator and drudged up the same sexist malarkey.

There followed a tie for third, including me, and a tie for fourth.

On the non-Council side of the gym, my nominee of former Watcher's Council regular Eternity Road's A Great Shifting of the Winds ran strong for the win. This is an important political analysis of wealth’s flight to the Dems, and the GOP’s rising appeal with the middle class; a must-read.

A Real Clear Politics post, Thompson Goes Electric, was second, followed by a five-way tie for third and a three-way tie for fourth.

Catch all the winners here, if you can.

Thanks, Watcher! You run a great work-out!