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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Starry Eyed About Global Warming

His head are in the stars when they should be on earth.

Australia's new PM Kevin Rudd is set to dispatch Australia down the road to Warmie hysteria, with his top aide saying Rudd's off to Bali next month to sign the Aussies into Kyoto:
A day after Rudd announced he was preparing to attend a major conference on global warming in Bali next month, his deputy Julia Gillard said their Labor Party would immediately honour a campaign promise to ratify Kyoto.

"Kevin will be making that decision but you can expect it to be very soon. We need to ratify Kyoto as part of our commitments to dealing with climate change," she told Australian television. (AFP)
Yeah, that's a great idea. Pour all your resources into global warming at the expense of your economy or other good causes like freeing Africa of malaria and what do you get for it? You cut greenhouse gas by such an insignificant amount that global warming's impact is delayed a few days.

Of course, Rudd's got John Howard to thank for this victory and his stroll down the global warming highway. If Howard hadn't given the Aussies year after year of economic prosperity, they would have more important things to be doing with themselves today than tipping at windmills.

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