Cheat-Seeking Missles

Friday, October 19, 2007

Watcher's Winners

It was an excellent week in the blogosphere, if the caliber of the entries into the Watcher of Weasel's weekly postfest are any indication. If you didn't have time to read all the entries, at least read the winners -- you'll be a better person for it.

Done With Mirrors heads up the Watcher's Council winners with Carrolling. Callimachus found a delightfully awful piece by James Carroll and provided a history, economics and culture lesson in dissecting it.

Coming in second was Texas Gang Rape and Murder Case puts America's Sovereignty in Jeopardy from JosuaPundit. This case has been in the news; Joshuapundit gives it the analysis it deserves.

Yours truly came in tied for third with Gore Derangement Syndrome?

Over on the non-council side, the rightful winner was The Problems and Course of Rebuilding Iraq from Dumb Looks Still Free. Digg or this post, because it provides the definitive answer to Lefty trash-talk about the "failure" of our infrastructure repair efforts in Iraq.

Coming in second was MSM Bias in Pallywood: Incompetence or Malice from Shrink Wrapped, which focuses on the pro-Palestinian media exploitation of and deliberate false reporting on the death of Mohammed Al-Dura, the boy caught in Israeli-Palestinian cross-fire.