Cheat-Seeking Missles

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Big Lies From Iran's Defense Department

We'd better watch out, we'd better not invade, according to General Mahmoud Chahar Baghi, commander of the Artillery and Missile Unit of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps. (Does he look a bit doped up to you, too?)

Here's what they've got in store for us if we attempt to use any force to stop the Mad Mullahs from getting a nuke:
  • 11,000 missiles fired at U.S. bases (presumably in Iraq, but who knows?) in the first minute of the battle
  • Continuing barrages of missiles at that 11,000-missile-a-minute pace for "the rest of the conflict."
  • Missile launchers that are "the most advanced in the world" -- completely invisible to our radar, and capable of a level of "precision and range ... unique in the world."
  • Smart missiles, shells and other ammunition that will hone in on their targets, "guided by computer programs, which ... would prevent errors and mistakes."
Wow. Of course, the story is brought to us courtesy of FARS, Iran's house organ, if you get my drift. I doubt if our generals are putting a whole lot of credibility in the report.

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