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Friday, August 24, 2007

Watcher's Winners

The Watcher's Council has spoken and the Watcher of Weasels has posted.

Among the Council, Right Wing Nuthouse's Is the United States an Imperialist Power and does it Matter was a run-away winner. I voted for this one because it challenges the Lefties and their foolish rhetoric about our imperialist nature.

Then followed a very interesting piece, the sort of piece I like the Watcher's listing for since I wouldn't have read it or thought much about it otherwise, but am the better for it: Done with Mirrors' St. Nietzsche. Here's how it starts:
Roger Scruton, philosopher, points to a pair of unlikely archangels -- Nietzsche and Wagner.

Were they heroes of religion in the late 19th century? That struck me at first as odd, since they perhaps are better known as icons of the brutal Germanic secular religion of the 20th century. But you can't always blame a saint for how people behave later in the shade of his stained glass.
Nice, eh?

Thereafter, a war post that I voted for, Horrific Nineveh Bombing Shows Counterinsurgency Working from Big Lizards, flowed by a quartet in fourth:
Over on the non-Council side, some very good stuff too.

Leading the pack by a long shot was Pajamas Media's How The New Republic Got Suckered, that gave us gossipy detail on the inner workings of the Baghdad Diaries Boondoggle, followed by a three-way tie for second:
  • Beijing Wide Open's The Technology of Our Dissent, which I nominated not because I thought it would win, but because I thought as many people as possible needed to read this piece about the Commies' powerlessness in the face of New Media
  • City Journal's very scary portrayal of the objectives of the professional peace movement, The Peace Racket.
  •'s Israel and the Double Standard, about, you guessed it, Israel's poor treatment at the hands of the MSM.
See all the winners here. And thanks again, Watcher, for pulling this circus train.