Cheat-Seeking Missles

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Wednesday Reading

The Watcher has posted this week's nominees from the Watcher's Council, presenting some of the most insightful blogreading of the week. Enjoy; we'll vote Thursday evening in our mystical e-cabal, and you'll see the results Friday.

Council links:

  1. Iyad Allawi's Stump Speech
    The Glittering Eye
  2. A Misguided College Senior
    The Colossus of Rhodey
  3. St. Nietzsche
    Done With Mirrors
  4. The Economic War On Terror
    Soccer Dad
  5. On Science, Fashion & Being PC
    ‘Okie’ on the Lam
  6. Horrific Nineveh Bombing Shows Counterinsurgency Working
    Big Lizards
  7. Papa Giuliani
    Bookworm Room
  8. Noriega Rips Cornyn For Representing Texans The Way They Vote
    Rhymes With Right
  9. Christians and Democrats: An Open letter To Anne Rice
  10. The Spellings Report: Margaret Heads South!
    The Education Wonks
  11. God's Warriors?
    Cheat Seeking Missiles
  12. Is the United States an Imperialist Power and Does It Matter?
    Right Wing Nut House
Non-council links:
  1. The VSP Club
    The Washington Monthly
  2. How To Educate Inner City Poor
  3. The Beatles or Elvis?
    The Maternal Optimist
  4. Israel and the Double Standard
  5. How The New Republic Got Suckered
    Pajamas Media
  6. Making Socialism Not Work
    Classical Values
  7. The Peace Racket
    City Journal
  8. Arming Teachers
    Right on the Left Coast: Views From a Conservative Teacher
  9. UK Civics Class Asks: What Would Muhammad Do?
    Sweetness & Light
  10. Victimized By Dog Violence?
    Classical Values (2)
  11. The Technology of Our Dissent
    Beijing Wide Open
  12. In Another Country
  13. "Consensus": Wrong
  14. You Kids Play Nice When Company's Over!