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Monday, August 20, 2007

Adios, Elvira!

Elvira Arellano, the Mexican mom who holed up in a church for a hear to avoid being deported, did something stupid a week ago.

She got so full of herself, thinking she could generate a massive popular support for the parents of anchor kids, so she left her church to pursue her Cindy Sheenan vision of herself. And now she's in Mexico.

Adios, Elvira.

From Tijuana she said in Spanish to an AP reporter with the decidedly un-Spanish name of Elliot Spagat,
"They were in a hurry to deport me because they saw that I was threatening to mobilize and organize the people to fight for legalization."
Elvira has misinterpreted things a bit. She was deported because she not only broke the law, she flaunted her criminal behavior. She came here so her son could be a citizen, yet she molded him to be a man who breaks the laws of the country in which she birthed him.

Now, if she really cares about her son, she'll send him a ticket to join her in Tijuana. This whole "deporting the parent" ploy is a sham; the parents are free to take their kids with them when the feds sends 'em packing.