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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I See The Light (Blogging Ahead)

Sorry for the post paucity today, but there just hasn't been a free minute. I'll have time for one or two in the a.m. tomorrow, then I'm out running until probably 9 p.m., when I plan on dropping like a lead weight.

But just to show how much I care, I thought I'd share with you one of the funniest browser searches I've ever seen on my Stat Counter. For the uninitiated, my stat counter -- the lovely free program that tracks my hits and tells me all about them -- lets me know, among other things, what folks have typed into their browser that got them to my site.

There have been a lot of funny ones ("gay photo cheet" comes to mind, someone who was certainly disappointed with whatever post that led him to) but this one was on first impression really bizarre.

keeping a yard drain from freezing icemelt

Then I figured it out. The poor guy got directed to one of two old posts (here, here) dealing with global warming and the polar icemelt. Hopefully he was a Warmie who learned something new.

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