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Monday, July 23, 2007

Maybe Wonkette Will Slap Me With A Lawsuit

It seems Wonkette, the popular, foul Leftyblog, has become quite openly antisemitic, dropping all pretense of typical leftist cover-up of the movement's anti-Israel and increasingly Jew-hostile thinking. Here's its lead on a post a couple days back authored by Alex Pareen:
In a stunning rocket, Rudy Jew-liani basically admitted that he doesn’t know anything at all about foreign policy — or maybe that he knows too much. In an interview with the Jew York Times ...
That's enough; I won't bother you with the rest of the blathering drivel.

Hold up your hand if you think there's a defense that could be raised for Pareen. Anyone think the use of "Jew-liani" and "Jew York Times" somehow isn't blatantly and unquestionably indicative of antisemitic thinking? Anyone? Anyone?

Seeing none, I would rest my case, except Pareen refuses to do so.

Yisrael at the blog called My Right Word spotted this and posted on it yesterday. Here's that post in its entirety:
Is "Wonkette" Antisemitic?

Wonkette, that foul-mouthed but titilating blogger of Washington foibles, seems to have gone anti-semitic.

Editor Alex Pareene and Interns Nick Mueller and Lauren Spohrer may be responsibl;e for this post which refers to someone they call "Rudy-Jew-liani" who gave an interview to the "Jew York Times".

Anybody for bonking Wonkette?
A fine example of free speech, right? Yisrael found something interesting in the public forum and posted his thoughts about it in a way far more respectful than the typical "Kill Bush!" "Kill Cheney" rhetoric of the Left.

Again, I would rest my case, but Pareen refuses to. Wonkette, this time in the person of a Ken Layne, contacted Yisrael and threatened to litigate:
You know, it's kind of poor manners to go accusing people of being antisemitic based on nothing more than you being too lazy to read the site and know any of the references.

But since you don't, and since you so thoughtlessly and wantonly libel our editors and the owners and stockholders of our company, I will direct you to the specific reference from the day before, which just happens to be a viral video on YouTube that everybody in politics is talking about:

Wonkette Post

You can go ahead and apologize on your site now. Send us the link when you do and I'll send that to our lawyers and that will be the end of that.
Can you believe it? The left is so spineless, so thin-skinned, so easily affronted that merely asking the question, "Is 'Wonkette' Antisemitic?" is grounds for litigation! What a bunch of losers ... of fascists ... of censoring-mad, hypocritical lunatics. There, that should be enough for me to get a letter from Layne as well.

Go ahead, Kenny boy, give me your best shot ... and let's see if you can hold true to your "liberal" ideals as you do. Betcha can't.

Interesting enough, despite the attention the post is getting and the "up yours" response Yisrael sent back to Layne, Wonkette hasn't removed or changed the post. They're proud of their* cute little wordplay, just like Hitler probably liked the design of those nice armbands he had designed for all the Jews.

* Wonkette likes "Jew-liani" a lot, but didn't come up with it; it's in the non-Wonkette YouTube clip Layne referenced in his response. The clip does not, however, mention the "Jew York Times," and Wonkette mentioned both in a new, second post, because they thought them cute, not reprehensible.

hat-tip: Flopping Aces

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