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Friday, May 11, 2007

Watcher's Winners

Somehow my nominations to this week's blog-o-rama at Watcher of Weasels didn't make it through the electrons, so Watcher was kind enough to view my week's work and pick the post that was my second choice, "The Greatest Scientific Scandal of Our Time," a piece on a major scientific fraud perpetrated by the Warmies. Turns out, it was the Watchers Council's second choice too, so yay!

(I'll never know how Over-Thinking America would have fared.)

Topping the charts this week was Big Lizards (again, he's on a roll) with Does America Elect Defeatists? It's an optimistic prediction for the GOP in 2008, presented as a history lesson that shows that in time of war, America does not elect losers.

Rounding out:

3. A tie for third, with Zawahiri Posts Important New Video, JoshuaPundit, and The Quietest Hero, Soccer Dad, which I enjoyed greatly -- the story of an unsung hero who used his bureaucratic position to save many Jews during WWII.
4. I Know What You're Against, but What are You For?, Bookworm's lesson in hard and soft atheism.
5. A tie here, with Authenticity, the West, and Islam from Eternity Road and Suffering By Comparison, Right Wing Nuthouse's critique of the GOP candidates.
6. A three-way tie: Have You Had Your Malamine Today? by The Glittering Eye (read this!), the Fort Dix Six by Rhymes with Right, and After Iraq: The Kurdish Option by Done With Mirrors.

In the Non-Watcher's Council, Michael Totten's excellence at middle east analysis again showed through, with "Better than a Thousand Israeli Invasions," my #1 pick, which just topped out an outstanding and very personal essay on why national health care is a bad idea, Two Words, by Cup of Love.

You can view the remaining Non-Council results here.

Thanks again, Watcher, for the work you do in running this every week!