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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Left's Thoughtful Response To Sarkozy

"Sarko fascist! The people will have your hide!"

With that, the Left in France welcomed Nicolas Sarkozy as their duly, and overwhelmingly, elected leader.

If 54% [corrected; thanks, Joe] of the folks voted for him, then who are the people who would have his hide? The minority. Or to make it simpler for these Franco-lefties: le (or is it la; I never can remember!) minorité.

And it shows. The Reuters report that provided the lead-off quote says the largest demonstration was attended by 300 to 400 anti-democratic whiners. (Well, that wasn't their exact words.)

Presumably, the other anti-Sarkozy folks, afraid that their cushy, government-supported lives might soon get tougher, were either too lazy to show up, or they found that demonstrating isn't in their job descriptions.

Elsewhere in France, about 100 students have started a strike, hopeful of recreating the glory days of 1968, when student protests shut down the nation and created the generation of "leaders" that succeeded in nearly destroying France with their Socialistic hogwash.

C-SM will go boldly into prophet-land here: Just as there was no second Woodstock, there will be no second '68 student strike. As in "has been."

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