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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Hearing Day Update

A long, exhausting day at Coastal Commission yielded nothing more than yet another continuance. Terribly frustrating.

I thought you'd like to hear what a Sierra Club spokesman said just before we came up on the agenda.

Mark "The Surfing Attorney" Massara is the director of the Sierra Club's California Coastal Campaign, and he's good at his job. For example, the day before our hearing he was touring two Commissioners around our site filling their heads with God knows what.

In his public comment today, he said (paraphrasing):

"With global warming and rising ocean levels the Commission must remember its mission is to protect California's coast and you must not allow coastal homeowners to protect their homes with seawalls. You must allow them only two options -- to move their homes or demolish their homes."

Welcome to property rights Greenie style ... and a little window into why the big enviro organizations are so enthralled by global warming and the potential power it gives them.

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