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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Carbon Debits For Sale -- Only In America

America, land of the free, home of the ... funny.

Our national sense of humor never fails to amaze me and it always mollifies the negative demons that try to overwhelm my synapses.

Today, it's buying carbon debits to offset Al Gore's carbon credits. The guys at Carbon Credit Killers are funny, sharp and just a little nasty, like my suggestion about the flamed Prius.

The idea is simple enough. These guys cut down trees for a living, and if you send them some money, they'll declare one of their shredded conifers to be a carbon debit just for you. They'll even give you a carbon debit plaque you can send to Gore.

And if you're really bold, you can even get a T-shirt.

But don't worry. There's a sound (?) reason Carbon Credit Killers is cutting down these trees:

We run a burgeoning business of clearing trees from grasslands so the Antelope won’t be scared. As silly as that previous sentence sounds it is the truth. So, you can have a clear conscience that you removed a terror inducing tree in an effort to improve the antelope state of mind – which makes them better targets during hunting season. Although we don’t completely follow the logic of the game and fish department on this, we go along with it.

If you'd like to witness the making of a carbon debit, click here.

Another hat-tip to Moonbattery.

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