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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Al Qaeda's Plans And The Dems Denial

The leaders of the Democratic party are privy to American intelligence on the war, so we can assume that NanPo and Harry have been briefed on this, which appears in Sunday's London Times:

A RADICAL plan by Al-Qaeda to take over the Sunni heartland of Iraq and turn it into a militant Islamic state once American troops have withdrawn is causing alarm among US intelligence officials.

A power struggle has emerged between the self-styled Islamic State of Iraq, an organisation with ambitions to become a state which has been set up by Al-Qaeda, and more moderate Sunni groups. They are battling for the long-term control of central and western areas which they believe could break away from Kurdish and Shi’ite-dominated provinces once the coalition forces depart.

According to an analysis compiled by US intelligence agencies, the Islamic State has ambitions to create a terrorist enclave in the Iraqi provinces of Baghdad, Anbar, Diyala, Salah al-Din, Nineveh and parts of Babil.

“Al-Qaeda are on the way to establish their first stronghold in the Middle East,” warned an American official. “If they succeed, it will be a catastrophe and an imminent danger to Saudi Arabia and Jordan.”

The US conviction that the Islamic State could seize power is based on its use of classic Al-Qaeda tactics and its adoption last October of a draft constitution. This was entitled Notifying Mankind of the Birth of the Islamic State and was posted on a website based in Britain. The group named 10 ministers under its emir, Abu Amer Al-Baghdadi.
The Dems have heard this, but they keep pushing for us to abandon Iraq so this awful conclusion to the war could become reality.

They keep bringing up the dead soldiers ... honor the dead, they say ... bring them home before we lose more ... they mention 9/11 and say we never should forget, and yet they hear this intelligence and move forward with their efforts to bring a premature end to the war.

If they prevail and the center of Iraq becomes an al Qaeda state, they will disgrace the honor of every soldier who has died, and ensure that more brave young Americans will die at some future date, as al Qaeda gains strength.

The next time you see the Dem leadership talking about the uselessness of Bush's war, remember they have heard this intelligence and are aware of what al Qaeda's wishes are. They may try to convince themselves that it's not true, but what about this intelligence is so unbelievable?

It conforms with everything we know about al Qaeda's operations and ambitions. It conforms with what we see on the ground in Iraq. It conforms with public information we read.

What it doesn't conform with is the Dems desire to end the war ... not because it's the right thing to do, but it's the right way in their eyes to attack Bush.

Imagine their closed-door strategy sessions, the meetings when they decide that it's necessary to ignore what they know about the war so they can win some seats and just maybe recapture the White House.

Of course all the caring about the troops is just necessary rhetoric. Their actions in the face of intelligence like this makes it clear they are not motivated one whit by the wellbeing of our troops.

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