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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Senate Resolution For Defeat And Dishonor

Look at them. Republican (in name only) Chuck Hagel of Nebraska framed by Joe Biden (Sen. Foreign Relations Comm. Chair) and Carl Levin (Sen. Armed Services Comm. Chair). They're all behind a resolution that could be called A Resolution to Crush the Morale of Our Troops and Boost the Fortunes of the Terrorists. Their message:
We give up. America might have been great once, but it's no longer great enough to win this war. The bastards have beaten us. Surrender any idea of an alternative to despotic terrocracies in the Middle East. Let the 9/11 victims die in vain. Let our 3,000 troops who have given their lives die in vain. America just doesn't have the stomach for hardship any more. America is a weak pushover. In fact, if you kill a few more of us, we'll run even faster.
The actual wording of their draft Senate resolution against the War in Iraq is a little different, but not much. It admits defeat by denouncing escalation as a strategy and seeks an "expedited" withdrawl of troops -- not immediate, as some early reports indicated, but definitely cutting and running before the job is done.

Olympia Snowe has joined the cower and skedaddle crowd as well. Counting two GOP Senators among their ranks, the Dems are gleeful -- "a major victory for Democrats, who believe their support will open the door for other Republicans to jump on board and challenge Bush," according to AP's Anne Flaherty.

Not so fast there, Notebook Girl. Hegel and Snowe do not constitute a major victory; they constitute the ability to appeal to renegades. While their votes will give the Dems a majority if no Dems defect, following these two offers little reward for any GOP Sen of sound mind.

The GOP is working on two of its own resolutions, one of which is strategically sound. It supports continued funding for troops, so it stands a good chance of passing. That would make the Sen merely look dazed and confused, instead of anti-war, anti-military and anti-spine.

The other, which says the surge can work, which won't draw Hegel and Snowe back into the fold, so it may never reach the floor.

Back to where I started. Look at these four. They are all Baby Boomers; only Hagel has served in the military, the others are part of the 90% plus of Boomers who never served. They're used to having it easy and having their way. They don't feel any particular threat from Islamofascism because they're in their mid-50s to mid-60s and figure America can hold on for as long as they need it to.

They have spent their entire lives unthreatened. They are not like our Founding Fathers , Lincoln or the Greatest Generation because they have never experienced a war that accomplished their objectives.

This is a war we can win, should win and must win. Any other alternative to crushing the insurgency and winning the hearts of Iranians sends a green light to the most vicious, dispersed, asymetrical enemy we have ever faced.

Our greatness is in the hands of these four meek, cowardly, vision-less, self-serving people and their cohorts, and they most definitely are not up to the task.

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