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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mitt Goes Where Arnold Fears

Go, Mitt! Pushing NIMBY and eco-freak protests aside, Romney acted decisively to address New England's chronic energy shortages:

Governor Mitt Romney approved two ports for liquefied natural gas yesterday in the ocean off Gloucester, the last significant hurdle to construction of the facilities, which would boost New England's gas supply by 20 percent.

At the two sites, proposed 7 and 13 miles offshore, tankers would dock virtually around the clock at underwater buoys, where they would turn supercooled liquid back into gas and pump it through a series of pipes to New England homes and businesses. (source)

As usual, the environmentalists proved me wrong. They're not good for nothings; they're always good for a sensationalist quote from another planet:

Some groups are threatening to fight the project, saying they are worried about the impact on the region's endangered whales. "This is the equivalent of building a strip mine at the entrance of Yosemite or Yellowstone national parks," said Mason Weinrich of the Whale Center of New England in Gloucester. "It's a major habitat for endangered humpback, finback, and right whales, all of which stand to lose their habitat or be killed by ships because of these projects."

That's right. Dumb whales need our help to figure out not to swim into tankers -- as if they haven't been avoiding ships for centuries. On the one hand, we're supposed to put animals at the same level as people; on the other, we're supposed to assume they are utterly incapable of surviving without a bunch of PETAphiles standing up for them.

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger continues to cower in California, pledging and re-pledging not to allow oil platforms off the California coast. Look east, Gov. There's a guy out there who's not afraid, who's not sucking up to a few loudmouths to the detriment of the rest of us.

And Congress: Think ANWR.

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