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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Libya Gives Ban Ki-Moon His First Crisis

Libya, caught between having to admit that it is a lying, scapegoating sack of a nation or having to free the innocent and accept responsibility for its own ineptitude, has chosen ... to be a lying, scapegoating sack of a nation.

By sentencing five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor to death for "deliberately infecting" 426 children with the AIDS virus, Libya's leaders have maintained the lie they h ave been telling their people for the last several years: That it wasn't the pathetically backward state of its own archaic medical institutions that caused the children to become infected, but rather, it was the outsiders' unexplained but seething hatred of the Libyan people that caused it.

Parents of the children -- either because they are duped subjects of lifelong propaganda, or because they are hopefull for a big cash payout -- praised the verdict. Others weren't so kind:
The International Council of Nurses and World Medical Association said the ruling turned a blind eye to evidence -- including from Luc Montagnier, a French doctor who first detected the HIV virus -- that the children were infected well before the medics arrived in Benghazi in 1998.

"How many children will go on dying in Libyan hospitals while the government ignores the root of the problem?" they said in a joint statement.

Some Western scientists say negligence and poor hospital hygiene are the real culprits and the six are scapegoats.
Bulgaria is an EU nation and Palestine, of course, is the darling of the globalists, so the case sets up the first flash-fire international crisis for incoming UN Sec Gen Ban Ki-Moon. If the six are executed, his watch at the UN will be forever blotched with a dark beginning.

He has room to move: The Libyans have demanded 10 million euros ($13.11 million) for each of the 546 infected cihldrens' families. That's a whole l ot of euros. When Bulgaria balked (the offer was apparently not extended to Palestine, natch), the death sentence followed.

In other words, Tripoli threw six living chips onto the table and said, "You think I'm bluffing?"

Ban's job now is to stare down Kadaffi and Krew, not tossing the $5.46 billion euros in the pot, and not letting innocent nurses and doctors die, either. Good luck to him.

The whole case is indicative of the great weaknesses of the Islamic nations: They repress their people so the masses can be misinformed and driven to hate, and they are quick to blame all their problems on others. If an Israeli isn't handy, find a Bulgarian.

What a disgusting bunch of loser states. Vigorous hand-washing is advised after each contact.

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