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Sunday, October 08, 2006

UN Leaps Into Action On NoKo

Trust those paragons of diplomatic machismo at the UN to quickly confront international hooliganism with a firm hand and moral resolve. Not.

Claudia Rosette summarizes the UN response to the latest Kim Il Jung nuclear saber-rattling:
If North Korea goes ahead, the UN will respond with — well, go ahead and make a guess:

A) The immediate expulsion of North Korea from the UN.

B) The urgent assembly of a coalition to launch precision missile strikes anywhere that North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Il might next pop up, including one of the few dependable heat sources in the country — his motorcade.

C) Public pressure on North Korea’s neighbor, China, to actually comply with its UN treaty obligations on refugees, and offer immediate safe passage or asylum to all North Koreans who wish to flee their country — which might simplify the North Korean problem by emptying the place overnight of almost everyone but Kim Jong Il and the usual visiting Iranian missile-and-bomb experts.

D) “Unspecified action.”

If you guessed D, you are clearly spending precious time following the UN’s abject failure to stop nuclear-armed rogue states, when you could be reading Rep. Mark Foley’s emails. But you guessed right.
But fear not, Rosette points out, the UN has more in its arsenal than mere unspecified action. If realy pushed, they can leap into further action.

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