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Monday, October 09, 2006

Left Giddy Over Coming GOP "Civil War"

The Left is all atizzy about the coming meltdown of the GOP. It kind of reminds me of their excitement about the imminent indictment of Rove and Cheney over the Plame Game, which followed their excitement about Kerry's surefire win, which followed ... you get the point.

Here's the gist of their latest frenzy, as enunciated by DemFromCT (no surprise there!) at Kos: The social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, libertarians, neocons and paleocons all have fundamental disagreements that will break loose into a leader battle that terrifies GOP insiders.

The CT Dem cites the following:
  • Clearly, the unwieldy conservative coalition (which also includes the neoconservatives, who want to promote Middle East democracy, and the skeptics who don't) seems poised for some kind of crack-up and reconfiguration. (Dick Polman in Philly Inquirer)
  • The powerless libertarians think the religious faction has gotten too much, and the powerful religious faction thinks it hasn't gotten enough. (Polman again)
  • The inability of the GOP to come to grips (eeuw!) with homosexuality. (Sterling Newberry at TPM Cafe)
What CT Dem fails to consider is the gel that binds the GOP together: The shared conviction that things everywhere will get worse, dangerously worse, if the Dem program of leaks and scandals gets them back into power. Implied in his analysis is that the Dems are unified and aren't suffering from the sort of stuff that causes divorces (CT Dem's word). Let's accept that for the moment and consider what sort of glue binds the Dems together:
  • They hate Bush. If you question this, see Phil Angelides' campaign for CA gov; it's only message is Schwarzenegger likes Bush, we hate Bush.
  • They believe in cutting and running from Iraq, even though it would hand the Islamofascist enemy their biggest victory yet.
  • They believe that following that emboldening of the Islamists, they should strip US intelligence of its ability to use telecommunications technology to gather information.
  • They think we are fighting an admirable foe that should be treated respectfully and gently, even if it means American citizens lose their lives from information not gained.
  • They believe homosexuality should be fully embraced (unless it's by Foley), that elementary school students need to know about the gay lifestyle, and that gay marriage should be the law of the land.
  • They revile anything that would harm Planned Parenthood and the abortion docs who send them so much money -- even parental notification and partial birth abortion.
  • The believe religion has no place in the public square.
  • They think illegal immigrants are a great source of new votes and don't like anything that would stop them from coming.
  • They think government is too small and does not yet impose enough of its will on the public.
  • They support increased taxation to help make government bigger and more assertive in our lives.
  • They think global warming is going to end life as we know it, and also believe the solution is to end life as we know it -- the prosperous life that we know and love -- to stop it.
  • They like the UN and would turn to it more, despite its history of ineffectiveness, corruption, America-bashing and waste.
Talk about motive to keep the Grand Old Party unified!

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