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Monday, October 09, 2006

Dems On NoKo Nukes: No Ideas

Dems are falling over themselves to criticize the Bush administration for not dealing effectively with North Korea and blaming Bush for the whackiness that lives between Kim Il Jungs ears. Heres a typical comment:
"We had the opportunity to stop North Korea from increasing its nuclear power, but George Bush went to sleep at the switch while he pursued his narrow agenda in Iraq," added Sen. Bob Menendez, a Democrat in a tough campaign in New Jersey.
We did? Was that the Clinton administration's appeasement approach of promising goodies to Kim in return for a promise that he'd do good? The appeasement approach that resulted in Kim getting some goodies, then breaking his promise, then pursuing his nuclear ambitions?

Oh, that opportunity.

John Kerry proved he is the King of Drone with his attack:
"While we've been bogged down in Iraq where there were no weapons of mass destruction, a madman has apparently tested the ultimate weapon of mass destruction."
You mean there were no WMDs found in Iraq? Really?! Gee, that's the first I've heard of that!

Is Mr. Kerry saying that the president should have sent 140,000 US troops to NoKo instead of bogging them down in Iraq? Unless he is, I see no correlation between the two points.

Kerry, as you recall, lambasted Bush for sticking to six-party talks, a strategy that brings China and Russia to the table. His approach, two-party talks, was a code word for more appeasement, going back to the failed Clinton policy, and seeing if maybe this time we would find Kim Il Jung trustworthy.

Another world crisis; another example of the Dem's inability to deal with the challenges the world's crazies present nowdays.

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