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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Quote Of The Day: Touche Edition

Meanwhile, Adam, I have a preliminary invitation of my own for you: I invite you to accept the Bill of Rights, and enter into the brotherhood of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. My invitation does not focus on my religion, although I invite you to that also, but rather on a framework within which people of differing faiths can live in peace, harmony, and mutual respect — provided that none of the groups involved cherishes supremacist ambitions to subjugate the others.
-- Jihad Watch's Robert Spencer to Adam Gadahn

OC-raised Al Qaeda mouthpiece Adam Gadahn's most recent call for Americans to drop their sanity and join jihadist Islam included a specific invitation to Spencer to share in the joy of deliberately targeting civilians to further your religion.

Spencer declined with great class.

hat-tip: LGF
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