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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Quote Of The Day: Hillary Bows Out? Edition

I would not be surprised if she were to decide that the best contribution she can make to her country is to forget about being president and become a consensus-maker in the Senate. She believes there is no trust between the two political sides and that we can’t function as a democracy without it.”
-- Unnamed Dem "Insider"

I don't buy it, this story from the Times of London that says Hillary is telling friends she may not run. I think it's a trial balloon to test what kind of bounce-back the statement will receive -- and if there's an indication that enough people really want her to change her mind, we'll never hear this story again.

But the other way to look at it is this: Hillary is a shoe-in to get the presidential nomination, but not to become president. She's smart enough that that worries her, so she looks around and sees the unimpressive Harry Reid heading the Dems in the Senate.

So in she comes, sweeps up the (hopefully) minority leadership, puts in four years to show she's not a screaming witch, then makes her run to win back the keys to the old house on Pennsylvania Ave.

One hitch: Just because Hillary thinks she can be a peace-maker doesn't make her a peace-maker. Senate leader is not the best job for a peace-maker wannabe, and the GOP won't be lining up to help her place that mantle on herself.

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