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Friday, September 01, 2006

Quote Of The Day: Dead Presidents Edition

"The film is never a personal attack on Bush; Range simply seeks to explore the potential consequences that might follow from the President's policies and actions."
Noah Cowan, co-director, Toronto Film Festival

Cowan's talking about DOAP, Death of a President, a mockumentary in which computer graphics and file footage are used to create a very realistic assassination of President Bush as he leaves a hotel banquet room after giving a speech to a business group.

Of course it's not a personal attack on Bush! Director Gabriel Range just kills Bush on film, nothing personal, and in so doing, encourages every pyscho out there to consider doing the same thing in real life, nothing personal.

In the film, the assassination investigation focuses on a Syrian. Think the Syrians need encouragement in this area? The whole thing is just another case of focusing on Bush instead of the true evil ... the ongoing, dangerous error of the Left.

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